5 Minute Relaxation Meditation

Take 5 minutes of your busy day to just relax. Sit down, put aside your stresses and tension for a moment and just relax.

In today's busy world, STRESS has become one of the biggest health issues. The human body's natural way to let go of stress is by relaxation. It is so important to spend time each day resetting our stress by taking the time to relax.

I created this meditation so that you can dedicate just 5 minutes to relaxing whenever you feel the stress mounting and need a break. It is designed to cut through the noise of the mind and relax even the busiest of minds.

It is absolutely FREE to listen to and download as an MP3 file to keep on your devices.

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For safety reasons, you must agree to these terms of use because of the meditative and trance inducing nature of this meditation.

Terms of Use

• I agree to always listen to this 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation audio while seated in a safe environment and agree not to listen to any part while driving, operating machinery, or being responsible for anyone else’s wellbeing.

• I understand that while listening to this 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation, I will be subject to deep meditative trance and understand that this is a highly suggestible state.

• I understand that James Cole is simply an educator, and this 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders. I understand that although there are many benefits to meditation, it is not a recognised substitute for mental or physical healthcare by most governmental healthcare establishments and I will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy without first consulting a medical professional.

• I understand that the educator provides education and guidance only and cannot guarantee individual results.

• I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my physical, mental and emotional well-being while taking part in this 5 Minute Relaxation Meditation, including my choices, decisions and any consequences of such.

• Knowing that anything that occurs while meditating, is a direct result of my actions and thought patterns, I hereby absolve and release the educator from any responsibility of all results expected or unexpected, that I may achieve from meditation.

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