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Introduction To Meditation

Easily learn about the beautiful practice of meditating, how it can benefit you and take the first steps toward incorporating it into your life.

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The Benefits of Meditation

Do you know the benefits of meditation, I mean the real benefits? Let us explore them together.

The Myths of Meditation

I'm sure you've heard some myths about meditation, allow me to dispel them for you and reveal the truth.

Bonus Guided Meditation

As a bonus, I'm including a simple guided meditation that you can easily follow along to whenever you like.

Meditation is EASY when you know how

There are so many myths out there regarding meditation, is it any wonder that it puts people off taking up the practice. It seems every religion, new age group and health and fitness guru puts their own spin on what it is. This only adds to the confusion.

In this mini-course, I present and dispel many of the myths about meditation and break the practice down to its fundamental principles. This makes it easy to understand and incorporate into your life. Once you've learned these basics, you can take it anywhere.

When practised regularly, meditation can dramatically improve many aspects of your physical and mental health. This course will teach you many of the benefits with scientific studies to back up the claims. There are also many other benefits that science hasn't proven yet but I'm sure will over time.

"James does an amazing guided meditation and has a lovely calming voice. Just right for getting you into that lovely peaceful place... I highly recommend."

Jean McLeod

Here's what you get in this course

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Meditation
    • What is meditation?
    • Scientifically proven benefits to meditating
    • Other benefits to meditating
  • Myths & Misconceptions about meditation
  • Introduction to The Black Cat meditation
  • The Black Cat guided meditation
  • Links to research papers
  • Final words

All the lessons are recorded for your convenience so that you can sit back and listen to all the information in your own time.

Why is it FREE?

It's true, for this amazing course, giving it away is crazy right?.

Well, the reason for this is simple, although this is a self-contained course, it is just a small section taken from a much bigger program called "the Empowered Life program". I'm certain that once you start getting the benefits from the basic meditation techniques you will learn in this course, you'll want to buy the full program and learn how to empower your life completely.

Your Guide & Teacher

James Cole

Meditation Educator, Empowerment Specialist

After being introduced to meditation in high school, James adopted the practice as a daily part of life. By late teens, he was experimenting with deep trances as a way of pushing the boundaries of consciousness and personal development.

Over the years he spent a lot of time studying subjects such as language, psychology, neuroscience, consciousness, religion, spirituality, mind hacking, and what generally makes us tick. He has gained qualifications as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Advanced Matrix Therapies, and Master Practitioner of Life Coaching & Hypnosis.

James now creates powerful meditative experiences empowering people to release emotions, trauma, negative experiences and live at their best. He focuses on producing high-quality online programs and running live workshops.

What you will gain by following this course?

By following this course, you'll gain the basic skills to meditate. These are the same skills I learned over twenty-five years ago. They have helped me in immeasurable ways throughout life. To really gain the benefits, however, you need to commit to adopting meditation as part of your daily life.

Who should do this course?

This high-quality course is intended for those who maybe haven't meditated before or beginners who want to learn more. It is for those people who genuinely want to improve their lives and are looking to adopt meditation as a regular practice.

What are you waiting for?

If you really want to gain the benefits of meditation and learn how to adopt this nurturing practice into your life, take this first step now and sign up to get started. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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