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Terms of Use

• The non-legal version

The reason for these terms & conditions is simple; the recorded meditations, visualisations and various techniques used require very specific language patterns, music and sound effects to help you achieve deep relaxation and trance. This can affect your alertness, concentration, and consciousness even if you don't intend for it to do so. Always make sure you are in an environment that is safe for you and others just in case you inadvertently go into a state of highly focused attention or trance. Always take responsibility for yourself and those in your care.

To give you an example of how powerful these guided meditations can be, it took me ten times longer to edit and mix the sound for them as I kept zoning out and losing where I was up to.

• The legal version

By using this program and any or all of the content within, you agree to the following statements.

I understand that while taking part in this program, I will be subject to deep states of highly focused attention, meditative and hypnotic trance and understand that these are highly suggestible states.

I understand that James Cole and any other guest presenter are simply educators sharing what has worked for them.

I understand this program does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders. I understand that although there are many benefits to meditation, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other methods used within this program, they are not a recognised substitute for mental or physical healthcare by most governmental healthcare establishments and I will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy without first consulting a medical professional.

I understand that the educator provides education and guidance only and cannot guarantee individual results.

I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my physical, mental and emotional well-being while taking part in this program, including my choices, decisions and any consequences of such.

I understand that if I do not follow the instructions given to me within this program and practise the techniques regularly, my chance of success with this program is minimal.

I agree to always listen to any audio or video components of this program while seated in a safe environment and agree not to listen to any part of this program while driving, operating machinery of any kind, or being responsible for anyone else’s wellbeing.

Knowing that anything that occurs while meditating, in hypnotic trance or in a state of focused attention, is a direct result of my actions and thought patterns, I hereby absolve and release the educator from any responsibility of all results expected or unexpected, that I may achieve from any of the techniques and practises within this program.

I understand that unless otherwise stated, all of the content within this program is copyrighted to James Cole and I agree not to copy or share any of it with anyone else for any reason.

I understand that by using this program and any of the contents, techniques and practises within, I acknowledge that I have read in full and agree to all of these terms and conditions.

I understand that by selecting the checkbox I acknowledge that I have read in full and agree to all of these terms and conditions as well as the Terms of Use for this web site outlined here.

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Empowered Life program

There are so many ways to Empower your life, from developing good habits to clearing negative emotions, taking ownership of self to learning to deal with those who are trying to take your power away.

This program aims to cover it all. I will start by teaching you all about meditation and how to use it to gain a deep level of relaxation and let go of stress. From there we can explore many techniques for using meditation as a personal empowerment tool.

Beyond meditation, there are so many ways to live an Empowered life that enable you to live with freedom and purpose and get the most out of every aspect of life.

This is not some text-book approach, these are the exact tools I discovered and used to empower my own life and the lives of others.

Learn at your own pace and choose the life tools you need when you need them. New content is added regularly and together we will Empower YOUR Life.

Right now this program includes:

  • An introduction to Meditation program
  • Deep Relaxation Meditation program
  • Additional empowering meditations
  • Access to a private Facebook support group
  • Access to the programs creator James Cole through email and the support group


Risk FREE Guarantee

My goal is to help as many people as possible. For this reason, there are no lock in contracts with this program. If for any reason you no longer want to be part of the community, just send me an email and we can either work together to meet your expectations and requirements, or if preferred, I can cancel your membership.